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Guidelines for Guest Post:

  • Niche: Your article should be according to the niche of our blog. It must be 1000 words or more. Split your article into small paragraphs and include several sub headlines.

  • Screenshot/videos/links: Provide screenshots videos and links to your articles where-ever required. Screenshots make articles more readable. Videos can be added to show video tutorials and demos.

  • Credit: If you refer to other articles or images, a proper credit must be given to the original content owner. You can add links to other articles in your post but care must be taken as excessive linking can damage the quality of your post.

  • Copyright: I accept only original content. You can not copy articles even from your own blog. Such articles will not be accepted.

  • Promotion: No commercials for you or your company, please.

  • Quick summary: write quick summary at the end of your article not more than 155 charaters.

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