Jee Main 2019

JEE Mains 2019 Tips and Tricks

The JEE Mains 2019 has left only few days and now students are keen eager to know how they will get success in JEE Main exam and hence they are now searching online some tips and tricks that will help them for attempting all question and securing high marks in JEE Mains entrance exam.

Below given some JEE Main tips and tricks for candidates to help them attempt and crack the JEE Mains 2019 examination.

  • 1. Do not try to start new topic, but now time for revision is the best which you have already prepared.
  • 2. Don not study follow more reference books because it will create confusion. Focus on studying from your NCERT text books.
  • 3. If you have any doubts then clear them as soon as possible with the help of either teachers or friends
  • 4. Create separate quick revision notes for each subject such as important formulae, important concepts and points you feel you are likely to forget.
  • 5. Go through the quick revision notes as often as possible.
  • 6. Practice previous year papers, JEE Main sample papers, take free online tests available online to identify to find out your weaknesses
  • 7. Time yourself while answering the sample/ mock test papers. This will help you in time management.
  • 8. Gets sufficient practice and revision
  • 9. Try to solve at least 70-80 numerical every day
  • 10. Take help from your mentors or co-JEE Main aspirants
  • 11. Studying to clear JEE Advanced will help you cover most of the JEE Main syllabus in depth
  • 12. Balance is necessary to revise/ practice concepts and prepare for the next class
  • 13. Go for solving JEE Main sample papers, question banks and test series
  • 14.Study smart instead of prolonging the hours you sit in front of the books
  • 15.Relax and take breaks during your hectic study timetable.

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