Various Streams of B.Tech and How to Figure Out Which One Suits You


B.Tech field’s and which one is highly recommended to an individual.

Well if you have come across the word B.Tech many times and do not know what it stands for? Then let me tell you it stands for Bachelor’s IN TECHNOLOGY.

And if you know about B.Tech and are confused in which field on should pursue in? then this article is all about helping you in all the possible ways we can.

If you are interested in engineering and are confused about which field you should go for in engineering then the first step is knowing all the demanded field’s required in the market (cause obviously, every individual wants to get a job after completing their graduation) so in that case It is very important that you should choose your field of engineering according to the growing market requirements of the today’s era and even engineers who give UPSC exam mostly clear the exam in the first attempt and become IAS Officer, IPS Officer, etc. because they already have a huge knowledge about everything.

So for you to not search more about it here are the lists of fields highly demanded in the today’s market.

  • Computer science and I.T.: Computer engineering is the study of the theoretical foundation ‘s of I.T. (Information Technology) basically it is implementation and application of computer systems.
  • Civil engineering: It involves designing constructing and the maintenance of building’s and as well as bridges and it has a bright career option as the housing infrastructure is rapidly growing with the growing population.
  • Electronic engineering and communication: It can help a person to make his career in telecommunication and industry and consumer electronics.
  • Chemical engineering: It involves the study of how to design and to maintain and operations of large-scale machinery and chemical processes for the production.
  • Agricultural technology.
  • Electrical engineering.
  • Mining engineering.
  • Bio- informatics and bio – technology.

So these are the eight courses / branches available to the person and wanting to pursue a career in engineering.

But is this enough? Knowing the highly paid engineering fields? Is this all about the amount of salary you will get after your graduation? Well, I feel it is surely not. one should also be interested in the subject too! Selection of the field should majorly be based on the liking of the individual. If it doesn’t interest, you do not opt for it.

Once you get the hand of the field and your area of choice the opportunities of good salary jobs will follow you too!

Basically, B.Tech courses are mainly divided in two

  1. Information technology and computer science branches.
  2. Non-I.T. related branches like- mechanical, electrical, electronics and civil.

The negative part of the I.T. related branches is that there are less government job opportunities comparatively to the Non-I.T. courses and as well as the Non-I.T. jobs cannot take I.T. field people for the job.

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