Tips for Scoring High Marks in Class X/ XII in ICSE Board Exam

ICSE is an examination that is conducted by the non-governmental board in India that are conducted for the class X and XII. ICS conducts the examination for the class 12. ICSE schools usually work under the missionaries that also rely on the different funds given by the government. Every year a large number of students make the preparations for these examinations. Preparing for board exam is not an easy task; it needs a lot of hard work, focus and the dedication of the students.
tips for scoring high marks in class x/ xii in icse board exam
Students who desire to get higher marks in these examinations should follow the tips that are provided below in this post:

Making a proper plan

The first important thing is to plan a schedule that would include the daily routine such as studying at least 4 hours daily for board exam, planning the time for the other activities in such a way that the studies should not be affected by them.

Reading other books along the textbooks

Reading textbooks is very important but besides that it is also necessary to consider other books as these would not only allow to increase the knowledge but also help in understanding the different concepts in the effectively. School teachers also suggest the different books that might help the students so these books should also be considered.

Working hard for meeting the success

An essential ingredient of success is the hard work as without it reaching to the success is impossible. Students are needed to study daily to get high scores in the examinations. They are needed to just focus on their goal and avoid all the distractions to meet their dream grades.

Paying attention to all the subjects

Most common mistake that the students make is they just focus on the selective subjects like English, Math and Physics and do not pay attention to the other subjects. Due to that, they are not able to attain good marks in the other subjects thus it affects their overall result. Practicing math and the physics numerical daily can be a good practice but along that it is needed that other subjects should also be provided with the proper time. Scoring in the English grammar is not so difficult so it cannot be underestimated.

Getting help from the past papers

Taking help from the past 10 papers may provide the help to the students to understand the pattern of the paper. Practicing these papers may allow them to prepare for the examination. This would also give them the chance to make a strategy to solve the paper. For example they can divide the whole time according to the number of the questions so that there would be no chance to miss out any of the parts in the paper.

Monitoring the progress on the monthly basis

Also it is needed that the students should monitor their progress on the monthly basis themselves. This would allow them to identify their weaknesses and make any changes in their preparation plan. Also taking help from someone who has passed the examination with the flying colours can be fruitful for the students as they can guide them in an effective way.

Taking break is also important

As it is said that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, therefore it is important to take a break when the students feel exhausted as this would allow them to relax and then focus more effectively. Continuous study without any break won’t be working here; study and hard work are the prerequisites for meeting the success but relaxation is also important. Students should plan the other activities that they can use for the relaxation purpose.

Solving the paper

While solving the paper it is needed that the students must ensure that they have done their paper neatly. Also emphasizing the important terms would be helpful to get the good marks in the board exam as these can allow to leave a good impression on the person who would be screening the examination sheets.

All the tips mentioned above are for the guidance of the students who are preparing for the ICSE board exam. To score with high grades it is needed to first believe in the fact that if a person would be working hard then he would be meeting the success.

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