The Most Lucrative Options in Engineering

Every year, we witness a similar trend of students competing with other students for a seat in the engineering colleges and universities. The euphoria around these courses is not showing any sign of slowdown despite the increase in the numbers of colleges and universities. The B.Tech or the B.E degree offers numerous varieties in terms of specialization. The different branches of engineering often create a lot of confusion among students and parents.
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Each B.Tech course is unique and requires a specific approach. Normally the students and parents decide about the best private engineering colleges in India and the best B.Tech courses through newspaper or magazines. Everybody just wants a degree that provides a secure future. Let’s take a look at the most lucrative and famous B.Tech courses:

Civil Engineering

If you are inclined towards the construction of buildings, roads, dams, canals and various other things then it is the best B.Tech course for you. There is a huge demand for civil engineers in India. They are needed in large numbers for the completion of several big infrastructure projects. Keep in mind that the job requires plenty of fieldwork.

Mechanical Engineering

The evergreen profession, it’s one of the pillars of India’s economy. The manufacturing push by the Government of India has given this field a new lease of life. The opportunities are galore for mechanical engineers with attractive salaries. They primarily deal with the functioning and management of various types of machines.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

One of the greatest fields of engineering, it deals with the electric circuit design of various electrical equipment and the transmission of electricity through it. It has evolved immensely in the last decade. The remunerations have also got better. These engineers are needed in various projects across India and worldwide.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

This branch deals with the design, function and management of digital electronics. The telecommunication sector is pretty huge. The 4G revolution that is happening right now in India was possible mainly because of the competent electronics & communication engineers. They are the brain behind the concept and implementation of various telecommunication technology and equipment.

Computer Science & Engineering

Currently, it’s the hot favorite among students due to the huge job opportunities in the IT sector. The career options are just massive here. You can work as a programmer, tester, database & network administrator, security expert, graphic designer, etc. Select this branch if you want to work with the global giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.


It’s a lesser known B.Tech course in India. However, it has all the potential to become one of the greatest engineering fields in India. It’s primarily a research-oriented field combining the use of engineering methods on various organisms. In other words, if you are fascinated with the prospect of learning engineering with several biological concepts then it’s the ideal course for you.

Future Career Prospects

You can follow other career pats apart from getting a job in your respective field. You will have the option of higher study such as M.Tech or MBA. You can appear for the prestigious Civil Services exam and work for the betterment of the society. Another alternative you can try is starting a company i.e. startup.

Startups have become quite popular in India with projects like “Startup India”. The conditions are perfect for anybody to start a venture. The startup sector is growing rapidly in India with several investors looking for that special idea. If you got one then pitch it in front of them. Who knows you can be the next Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs.

Selection of Institute Matters!

You now have a better idea of the best B.Tech courses and their future prospects. However, you need to apply for the admission into the top engineering colleges in Delhi so that you can learn from the very best. Studying in a reputed institute will give you the best learning experience along with the chance of getting placed in the top corporate firms.

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I am a professional educator and I love to share my articles with students, job seekers, competitive aspirants and peoples who love to read on these topics. You can keep in touch with me at Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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