Staying Focused on JEE Main Preparation

Acing the JEE Main is not a walk in the park. It requires hours of planned preparation, consistent hard (but smart) work and dedicated hours of study. In the months leading to the examination, many students get distracted, and find themselves faltering and losing sight of their goal. While it is understood that as humans we are all prone to distractions, but examinations such as JEE Main warrant undivided attention and unwavering focus. Here are some popular hacks that are sure to bring you back on the road to your dream engineering college and help you stay focused on your JEE Main (and Advanced) preparation.
jee main prep without distraction

  1. Fix Your Body Clock

    The very first step towards better concentration is fixing your body clock. When studying, it is extremely easy to get carried away and mess up your sleeping/waking up time. At this juncture when you spend most of the day studying, sleeping well is extremely important. Sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours ensures that your brain does not overwork itself. Maintaining a proper and healthy sleep cycle helps your body relax and be active.

  2. Make a Proper JEE Main Study Plan

    You have all heard/read the phrase ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. The first step to success is a well – structured plan. Make a properly detailed study timetable for yourself and stick to it. When you follow your timetable and study accordingly, you will remain focused. For example, if you set a target to finish a particular chapter on a day and further, set smaller goals like finish studying a concept in an hour, you will be on track, stay focused, work hard and automatically fight distractions. On the other hand, not having a proper study plan will drive you on a directionless path. Eventually, you will end up wasting time deciding on what to study.

  3. A Well-Rested Mind and Body

    Balancing both school work and preparation for JEE causes students’ study schedules to be completely packed. The resultant being that most students do not find the time to take a much-needed break. Some students argue that they do not need a break and doing so would only mess with their study schedules. They fail to realise that having a relaxed brain is crucial for proper brain activity. Taking regular but time – bound breaks can not only refresh your mind but also improve your concentration, attention span and retention power. When you draw out your study timetable, structure it such that each study session does not stretch too long. Include a break of 10 – 15 mins in between each study session. However, as far as possible do not devote these breaks to the black hole of social networking. You might end up spending more than the required amount of time; thereby wasting precious time.

  4. Be the Master of Your Syllabus

    JEE is regarded as one of the toughest and most competitive examinations in India. The questions asked in both JEE Main and JEE Advanced are not curtailed to a single chapter or concept and that is what makes the questions even more complex. To solve these kinds of questions, it is of prime importance that your basics are crystal clear. Also, due to the intensity of the competition, the number of students scoring the same marks is huge. Last year, the top marks in JEE Main were 350 and 6 different candidates scored the highest (350) marks. So, even 1 mark is important when you want to ace examinations such as JEE Main. When studying, make sure that you fully understand each and every concept. When revising, you will not have to waste too much time and help you keep distractions at bay.

  5. Mental Health is Important

    Preparation for examinations such as JEE, BITSAT etc. come bundled with extreme competition, unrelenting stress and an unending syllabus. This causes unwanted tension and makes students prone to anxiety. At this juncture, students must remember that taking care of mental health is as important as being physically fit. To be mentally healthy, a good practice is to meditate for a minimum of 10 mins every day. This can work wonders for you and help you stay focused on your studies. As a smartphone user, you can use apps such Headspace to practise meditation and be stress-free.

  6. Test Yourself Regularly

    The only way to truly know how much you have studied, learnt and retained is by testing yourself regularly. Since examinations like JEE Main are extremely competitive, an individual student’s performance in comparison to his/her competition is of prime importance. So, attempting as many mock tests as possible helps. Taking mock tests on a regular basis will help you to identify your weak spots and thereby optimise your study schedule and curtail distractions. There are a lot of websites that offer free/paid mock tests for your target examination.

Wishing you all the best for all your upcoming examinations! Good Luck!

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