Six Inexpensive Ways to Use Technology in Classroom Curriculum

Are you exhausted with using the same old teaching methods in the classes? Are you repeating the same study materials to teach the students a year after another? You can make the classroom more interactive and lively. While the lessons are of great importance in achieving the set curriculum goals, the information has to pass in new and exciting methods to reduce the monotony. teacher helping student

Traditional teaching methods can be a bit tedious. The good news is that the web is heavily loaded with study materials like subjective essay writing that can bring some engagement and fun in the classroom. All that is required is devices that can easily access the internet. Even if the school lacks the necessary tablet and computers, you can make use of smart phones to engage the students more and leverage the education. Students enjoy the powerful lessons, and that refreshes their minds to understand more. Below are technology ideas that you can use to keep the lessons at the notch.

1. Incorporate the student’s inputs and collect the feedback.

Several applications can let the children give their feedback. Most of them can easily be used via the smart phones. Information can also be gathered by using Twitter as a back channel.

  • Quick polling applications: Poll Everywhere and PollDaddy are the most common applications that can fasten the process of gathering feedback from the students. You need to determine if they are struggling with a ascertain feedback or if they know the right answers to a precise question in the polls in their Smartphone’s.
  • Socrative: It is an easy to use and efficient app that makes you goes beyond the simple polls to elaborate questions and collect informal feedback.
    jeemain-edu technology in classroom

  • Plickers: They help in collecting information especially in those classes that the technology is lest used.
  • Twitter: It’s a back channel that is very convenient when it comes to data collection. Each student should have a twitter account to pave the way for online discussions whether at home or schools using the hash tag.

2. Gamify it

Leverage the gaming techniques that will make the study more fun and easy. Every time competition is introduced in the classroom, the exercise level is increased, and this increases the liveliness of both the students and the teacher.

Let students create- Countless fun free downloadable apps can provide the children with the essential digital contents. Some of these materials that the children can use to create eBooks, presentations, videos, digital contents and digital posters. technology in classroom curriculum

3. Be interactive

Below are some of the tools that the teachers should use as part of interaction

  • Online whiteboards– are you aware of the existence of online whiteboards? If you have a projector and a computer you can make practical use of them just like a smart board. Most of the application gives the students chances of logging online to edit some contents collaboratively.
  • BounceApp– you can notate, review and share all the Web Pages that contain the bounce app. You only need to paste the app on the Web Pages, and then it turns into an interactive session where the students can jot some ideas.
  • Smartphone’s interactive apps– these phones are load with thousands of educative apps that can improve the students learning capacities.

4. Have students collaborate

They need o work together as a family in small groups or just larger groups. Collaboration can make the discussion easier and fun. Collaboration can take place even internationally. Below are some of the tools that can be used for collaboration

Share the writings and feedbacks with news activist- it is a unique tool that gives the teachers the chance of setting the students in a private area where they can discuss their areas of interests. An audience made of either students or adults listens to the discussions as they give their views. technology teacher helping students

  • Collaborative editing documents with Google drives– Google allow you to edit the Google documents with all the people who have the Google app. It’s free to install and has a robust capability.
  • Collaborative mapping of minds with Mind Meister– It is an application that makes the users easily create maps in the memory that can be collaboratively edited.
  • Collaborative research– Working in small groups or pairs makes it easy to carry out investigations which are helpful when completing assignments.

5. Simulations

They are active addictions in the classroom. They are somehow complicated hence they are dedicated to college and postgraduate students. Below are some examples of these simulations

Marketing– being a marketing student can give you the opportunity of learning about e-marketing

Economics-there is a site called economics which offers free economics lessons.

Medical-simulations play a prominent role in this field. Some schools like Harvard have gone to the extent of creating their website used for simulation purposes.

Invite one or two guests
The video conferencing apps like hangouts, Skype, and more others give us the power of connecting with people all over the world. Teachers have been using this effective method to invite experts, lecturers or other students for many years. This helps in breaking the monotony of having the same audience or the same learning patterns.

Technology can be integrated into the classrooms in many ways. This makes it easier for both the students and teachers since more skills are earned in the process. Teachers who have not adapted to these methods should try to improve the children performance and tight curriculum coverage.

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