JEE Main 2017: Preparation Tips and Strategies

With India’s biggest engineering entrance exam just around the corner, Candidates preparing for their JEE Mains 2017 will need all the help possible to crack this competitive exam. If you’re one the candidates seeking to secure a seat in the best engineering or IIT college in the country, then cracking the JEE Mains is the first order of business. Since it is the most commonly taken test in the country, the competition certainly tends to be high. Acing the JEE’s is not an easy job. There must be a well-executed plan or a strategy involving preparation for the exam by the candidates.
JEE Main 2017: Preparation Tips and Strategies

Study Plan

  • In order to make the most of your reading, you must set up some ground rules and tasks before your start preparation.
  • Make a list of chapters you will be covering within a period of time
  • The test papers you will solve after covering the chapters.
  • The time period for your study breaks and all the study material you will require.

Reference Material

One of the most important aspect of your preparation will always be your study material or books. Make sure you have the best guides or study material to study from. NCERT books are the most popular and informative study material available in the market, these books cover every element of the JEE Mains syllabus and also offer problem questions relating to chemistry, maths, and physics. Along with NCERT, there are other books in the market like RD Sharma for Maths, HC Verma for physics and OP Tandon for chemistry that make excellent reference material.


As humans, we are bound to make mistakes, but at the same time, we have the ability to correct and learn from them as well. In case you’re finding a particular chapter of a particular subject hard to understand, you must take steps to find a way of cracking that chapter by spending more time on it. Keep reading Geometry Formulas or practice problems from Calculus repeatedly until you find no mistakes whatsoever.

Realistic Targets

It’s impossible to cover your entire JEE syllabus in one sitting, so, therefore, make sure you don’t hurry up your preparation. You will not ace your exams by just skipping past your books, keep a target of time and amount content that you want to cover.

Use MCQ’s to Your Advantage

As JEE Main’s only have multiple choice questions, think smartly when before you pick your answer. Figure out which of the options are wrong instead of asking yourself which are right.

Keep Calm and Have Faith

The most important aspect in cracking your JEE Main’s is to have self-belief and peace of mind, worrying about the exam before you even take it will only make things worse for you. Instead of thinking too much, try relaxing and take in positive vibes.

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