Improve Your Essay Writing Skills with These Tips

Essays are one of the important parts of a student’s academic life which they have to confront frequently. Essays writing skills allow the student to show his intellectual abilities within the restriction of the word count. Your Essay Writing Skills with These Tips

In order to enhance the essay writing skills, the following simple tips can be followed:

1. Reading:

Reading the essays written by other people helps the students in the development of their own writing style. The student should try to read the essays of different disciplines and variety of subjects. The habit of reading also assists in the development of vocabulary and enhancement in creativity.

2. Enhancing the vocabulary:

A good, evocative and succinct vocabulary permits the student to express himself in a concise manner. The reader might find the long and rambling sentences boring; therefore the effective and accurate vocabulary can be used. The usage of strong and irrelevant words makes an essay difficult to read whereas Good vocabulary depicts the intelligence of the person and assists him in persuading the readers. There are many ways to enhance vocabulary such as reading books of different genre and books by different authors, articles and newspapers. In addition to that, the dictionary and thesaurus can be consulted for the meaning of difficult words and exact synonyms respectively. Furthermore, an individual can maintain a record of all the new words he comes across for future reference.

3. Use of effective words to develop an argument:

There are some particular words that work to improve the arguments such as however and moreover. Using these words in an essay writing will effectively build up an argument. The sentence structure and language must be varied throughout the essay.

4. Quoting other people:

It is a good practice to quote the opinion of other people on the chosen essay topic along with the original sources. It expresses the strong critical reasoning skills and amount of research being conducted.

5. Practicing:

As the quote says “Practice makes perfect”, similarly the more amount of practice, the more improved the skills become. Practicing the writing of essays in a routine empowers the skills.

6. Editing and proofreading:

The student can seek assistance from someone such as friends, professionals or online services to edit his essay. Many times, the person himself is not able to identify his mistakes. Moreover, it is also essential to proofread the work. The student has to check for the errors in punctuation, grammar and punctuation errors in the essay.

7. Planning before starting:

The student should try to make a summary of the whole essay beforehand. The summary will help him in essay writing the introduction, deciding the stance and the correct choice of words.

8. Polishing the basics:

The student should have the understanding of basic principles of writing. The basic principles require polishing which can easily be done through free websites and online videos. For effective essay writing, the student must be capable of expressing himself, understanding the basic principles and explaining with clarity.
Every student has one or the other ability and everyone wants to write a flawless essay but it is a difficult and time-investing task which requires hard work.

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