How to Get Ahead While Preparing for JEE

Preparing for JEE ?
It’s a peak time for students who are preparing for JEE . you guys are studying for 13 hours a day with tuitions , schools , self study to score good, to get a good college. Well, is that enough?

All those hectic night studies and early mornings , group discussions , is this enough to ahead of thousands of students??

You must have seen students studying for 7 hours and scoring more than the ones who spend up to 14 hours a day .

What is their secret ???

The key.

Focus on the right things.

JEE Preparation

Focus on the all-round completion of your study regimen. Are you mission something out ? Are there any weak areas? Are you refreshed at all times to take in the information in a better way? Are you just going on and on like a parrot? Study smartly.

Hard work is important, but studying smartly is one of those factors which will be very beneficial to you on order to jump off the page.

Give yourself time to breathe.

jee preparation

I know you cannot study for 10 hours continuously , no one can and no one should . Take a break. Go play your favorite game . Listen to some new music or your favorite song. Work out a little bit. Your brain is not a machine. It needs rest on a regular basis.

Don’t stress out your mind to a point when you open your physics book you want to kill the one who invented it . Build up a routine. Study for 3 hours and take a break for half an hour, then start again. This is key. Also, be comfortable in the schedule that you make for yourself. There is no point in stressing yourself out.

Mind is not a muscle that can be trained by using an aggressive approach. It requires proper amounts of rest in order to be efficient.

Be your own competition

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Competing with yourself and trying to push yourself to get better than yesterday is the best approach to move forward. Believe it or not, the most intellectual people out there do not depend on others for motivation, and compete with themselves only, striving to get better and better every day.

You have to judge yourself . Do you think you are doing good ? Are you slacking? Are you feeling that you are being honest about dedicating your time to your routine?

If your heart says yes, then trust me you are doing good.

Build your own method to learn things.

jee preparation

Ever wondered why you remember the lyrics to a song ? It’s because you never forced your mind to mug it up , you enjoy it even if u don’t like it . If you do not stay all night long trying to learn the lyrics to a song, why do u do it with your subjects ?

Experiment with new methods of remembering facts. Make a song out of it. Associate the formulas to pictures. There are no rules to it.

Try it with the topic you hate the most and trust me you will like it.

Build concentration.

jee preparation
Concentration is a very powerful tool to utilize your time effectively. A person can read a book in three hours or three days , depending on his concentration. You can concentrate on your study material for a few minutes. But can you that continuously for hours ?

If the answer is no, it’s okay. This is a superpower that can be developed.

Follow techniques to build concentration. Meditate regularly two or three times a day, 20 minutes per session. It works like a charm.

Believe in success and you’ll have it.

jee preparation

Dream of clearing the exam. Believe it. Have faith in it. The enthusiasm you will get after that , will carry you the rest of the way . You must have heard this quote before “shoot for moon , u will land among the stars”.
It’s true .

In conclusion, there is more than one way to get ahead of the competition in JEE. From early morning bowl of facts to the late night shifts, everything requires proper rest, concentration and understanding your study routine.

So, good luck and stay focused, everyday is a new beginning. Start now using these tricks and you will surely get ahead of the flock in JEE.

Kanti Kumari

I am a professional educator and I love to share my articles with students, job seekers, competitive aspirants and peoples who love to read on these topics. You can keep in touch with me at Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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