How To Deal With Exam Stress?

Every student tends to feel stressed out during exams. Whether you’re in the sixth grade or a university student, the examination schedule is enough to send you into panic mode. Even the toppers cut the rest of the world off and put their attention for their upcoming examinations. How To Deal With Exam Stress

During exam season, students have been known to become depressed, suffer nervous breakdowns, and even go to extreme lengths. This is all due to the huge amounts of stress they take upon themselves.

However, this does not have to be the case. Exams are, after all, not the end of the world. Plus, they won’t stick around forever.

Below are just a few ways in which students can relax and not take on so much stress while giving exams. Remember that this time of your life is essential, but so is your mental health. So read on, and calm down!

1. Prepare Yourself Throughout The Year

Slacking off throughout the term or semester will not help you around exam season. Some students may get away with cramming as soon as the examination schedule come out, but their stress levels are off the charts. A student who stays on top of homework, assignment, and readings would be much less likely to need more than a re-reading of the course material.

Additionally, one can start preparing for exams as early as possible. List down the chapters a couple of weeks in advance and go over them, ticking away the ones you’ve covered. By the time the relevant exam rolls around, all you’d need to do is give a cursory glance at your notes and your book. Then you’d be refreshed and ready to go!

2. Listen To Something Calming

If you’re religious, listening to a recitation of your faith’s book might help you to calm down. Alternatively, classical music is recommended as an extremely relaxing medium. Listening to something that soothes your brain also helps to create an environment conducive to learning.

When your brain is at ease, you can learn more and stay in a good mood as well. The recordings don’t have to be classical or religious, though, but anything that you find relaxing. If you’re into pop music, listening to some songs in that genre can uplift your mood and make you more eager about forging ahead.

3. Go Outside

Nature has a special healing effect. Don’t underestimate it, or think that you don’t have time to go outside. Getting some fresh air is very important during exam season, as students are cooped up in their rooms for a long time.

You can sit down on a park bench for a few minutes, or better yet, take a brisk walk. Exercise is extremely important for stimulating your brain activity. This makes it easier for you to memorize and understand your text and notes all the better.

4. Get Enough Rest

Study breaks are very important for a good study routine. If you keep studying at a continuous pace, burnout is inevitable at some point. Plus, sitting for long periods of time is considered extremely detrimental to your health. Get up after every hour or so, if only to get a glass of water. Try some stretching exercises, go for a walk, or even chat with a friend.

You can even relax your mind by looking at pictures of adorable animals or watching a couple of funny videos online. Scientific studies have proved the effectiveness of this activity. Just make sure you don’t indulge in these pastimes for too long since this could waste massive amounts of time. This would only result in more stress for you.

5. Set Out Your Things

The early morning scramble before and exam can create havoc with your mental state just before an exam. This can cause you to become flustered and confused. Worse, you can even forget some essential equipment, such as pens and pencils. This can result in your doing poorly in the exam due to extreme stress and lack of preparation.

Wrapping Up…

Giving exams is really not such a tough problem. However, the period of studying for the examinations can really become difficult for any individual. The stress buildup can create emotional, personal, and even physical problems for the student. Hence, every student should try and follow the tips above in order to deal with stress and perform well in their exams.

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