How to Crack JEE Mains with Guaranteed Results?

Before you start your JEE preparation, you should be very clear about why you are doing it. Is engineering a passion for you? Are you looking for a good and comfortable job that will help you and your family live a comfortable life? Do you really enjoy tinkering with machines or science to come up with innovative solutions for the everyday problems? Write down your ultimate goal on a paper and hang it in your room – as a reminder to why you need to go on even when you are feeling blue or tired.

You need to rank well in JEE Mains to be eligible to sit for JEE Advanced, and rank well in JEE Advanced once again to be able to make it to a good engineering college. About 12 to 15 lakh students sit for JEE Main exam every year. It means you need to work really, really hard to prove that you are amongst the most deserving candidates for seats available in various engineering courses and colleges.

That doesn’t mean that you give up hope. IIT JEE preparation certainly teaches you one thing that will come in handy all through your life. If you find certain concepts or questions difficult at first, it does not mean that you are never going to understand them. Even if you fail a few tests handed out by your IIT JEE coaching provider, all you need to do is more time to the given topic(s) and you will certainly do well in the tests next time. A healthy amount of confidence can make a big difference to your JEE Main results.

Here are some time-tested tips to help you crack JEE Main 2018:

Develop the Right Mindset develop mindset

IIT JEE preparation is a bed of thorns. Be mentally prepared for all the challenges and obstacles it will throw at you – frustrations, distractions, inferiority complex, superiority complex, anger, and lack of support from friends, parents, and/or teachers. Once your mind is ready for the tricks it is going to play with itself, it will be able to curb its tendencies better.

In fact, keep your mind busy by:

  • Making a well-defined study plan where you break down your syllabus into daily, weekly and monthly targets. Within daily targets, you can set small targets for each study session. Suppose you plan to study for eight hours every day, you may want to set targets for four two-hour sessions. It will make you easy to digest the information you pick up during the session.
  • Most IIT JEE coaching providers offer readymade notes, formula sheets, tips and tricks sheets to their students along with the standard study material. If you have chosen to study on your own, prepare your own revision notes, mind maps and formula sheets. In fact, making them on your own for scratch gives you a better grinding about the topic you are preparing…cementing all the facts into your mind forever. Making these notes may seem like a waste of time during early phase of your JEE preparation but your JEE exams crawl nearer, you will find that they prove to be immensely useful to you for quick revision or reference purpose – saving you the precious hours when you need them most.
  • Hard work in the right direction is crucial for your success. Once you have set targets for each study session, it becomes easier for you to keep track of how much is getting done every day. Be your own manager. Analyze your performance and tell yourself how you can improve upon it on a daily basis.

Climb up Step-by-Step askIITians

  • Step 1: Study your NCERT books first. Go through all its examples and exercises thoroughly.
  • Step 2: There are many online and offline IIT JEE coaching providers to choose from. You may also download IIT JEE coaching apps for quick reference purposes. Be frugal in the number of reference books you buy and JEE study material you collect. Stick with one set of books and refer other books only when you need to understand a particular concept in greater detail…or to solve more problems on the topic for practice purposes.
  • Step 3: Once you have covered your syllabus and solved enough practice questions, it is time to revise and practice, revise and practice, and revise and practice once again. Solve a full-length JEE Main or JEE Advance paper (previous years’ papers or mock tests), analyze it well to find in which topics you need more help, and then, re-visit those topics once again. You may also opt for national-level All India Test Series for JEE Main and JEE Advance to check where you stand among your peers.

Seek help wherever and whenever you need it.

Additional Tips:

  • Use your free time wisely. It is good to take 15-30 minute break after every two-hour study session but do not use it to play mobile games, watch TV, or indulge in social media. Give a break to your eyes and mind too. Instead, opt for a power nap, a quick round of badminton with your siblings or friends, play with your dog, go for a walk, or just spend some time with your parents. You might not realize it but your parents get as much knotted up about your JEE performance as you do. Talking to them may ease things for all of you as a family.
  • Teenage is the time when your hormones play all sorts of tricks on your mind. Remember that it’s just a temporary phase. Your JEE Main performance is a key to a great college education and a great placement. Love blossoms when you have enough money to nurture the dreams of everyone around you. So, keep your priorities right and emerge as a winner.

Author bio:- Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of askIITians, an online coaching platform for IIT JEE, Medical and School Entrance exams. It is his passion and vision to help the engineering and medical aspirants that he along with his co-founder started with this venture. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy.

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