Go for Career Enhancing Courses – 4 Reasons Why They are Important

It’s never too late to learn. Learning is an on-going process, be it classroom learning or learning from experiences. All professions nowadays require you to stay updated. You cannot be a 2002-batch post graduate from a premier institute and expect to rule the department by being close-minded to post-2002 developments in the field. You cannot edit a news story using an old version of PageMaker in this time and age. It is natural to feel put off by the mere notion of going back to a classroom setting. Well, it’s all about dealing with whatever mental blocks you have. Even then, you can always opt for online certifications and courses, distance education and/or audio-video learning from top institutes of global standards.
Go for Career Enhancing Courses - 4 Reasons Why They are Important

Aside from mental blocks, it is the course fee that pulls back people, closely followed by time-management issues. Financial issues can be easily resolved by education loans. While traditional banks are stringent when it comes to doling out unsecured loans like education or personal loans, your best option remains alternative lenders. Did you know there are Fintech companies that offer up to ₹5 lacs for salaried employees? Now that the money-part of the dilemma is out of the way, let us focus on why career enhancing courses are imperative in etching out a long and fruitful ‘personal brand’.

To enhance your job profile and work quality:

Practice makes you perfect. Practice is not doing the same thing over and over, but having the willingness to explore new avenues in your field and hone new skills. Having additional certifications in your CV tells the recruiter of your drive and passion. Also, it inculcates out-of-the-box thinking in you and trying out newly acquired skills. For instance, digital marketing is an ever-evolving niche and what worked three years ago to drive traffic would be laughed at today.


“I know this!” It’s a euphoric moment when you can say this to yourself, right?
Everything about a knowledgeable person screams confidence. You may not be one of those naturally charismatic person who can hold an audience effortlessly; but you can still give charisma a strong competition with your knowledge and its application. Confidence makes you a happy person and a happy person’s productivity would be outstanding.

Helpful when job-hunting:

A potential employer is always wary of gap-periods in a CV. But when the candidate explains it away due to education, nobody will be happier than the interviewer himself, especially if it is relevant to the position you have applied for. Sometimes you might want to try something different. We all are familiar with stories of software engineer turned cook or accountant turned writer. But it is impossible to break into any new industry without some kind of qualification and these courses or diplomas can be your boarding pass.

Bigger professional networks and better work-relationships:

New skills/knowledge can lead to health exchange of ideas and hence better productivity. In a class, it is likely that you meet like-minded people and gain valuable inputs. You might even inspire other people in your office to follow your footsteps and make better use of their free time.

Kanti Kumari

I am a professional educator and I love to share my articles with students, job seekers, competitive aspirants and peoples who love to read on these topics. You can keep in touch with me at Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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