GATE Preparation Tips and Tricks

You need systematic approach and dedicated preparation. As you have great percentile, earlier I guess you know it. Following tips & tricks will help you to get more marks in GATE examination.

GATE Preparation

Following GATE preparation tips and tricks will help you to get more marks in GATE examination.

  1. Generally GATE problems are not lengthy. So, while solving any GATE problem, if the solution takes more than 8 steps, you must re-look at the approach.
  2. While solving the problem, students must have balance between speed & accuracy.
  3. Preparation time for GATE is subjective and depends on the so many factors such as individual’s aptitude, fundamentals, attitude, concentration level etc., Typically, a rigorous preparation of 4-6 months is considered good enough for getting into IISc or IITs.
  4. Keep a check on your performance; it is compulsory to directly jump upon the previous GATE question on the topic you just finished. You can try to solve some examples in model papers also.
  5. Any problem can be tackled in number of ways. So being innovative and intuitive also helps to reach the correct option quickly. This means, it is not at all compulsory to solve question in typical way.
  6. Practice comes handy to solve questions quicker so that the balance time can be utilized in some really thought provoking questions.
  7. You should have done sufficient study/ discussion, so that the moment you start reading the question you should have an intuition on whether you can solve it. One way, is to read multiple books on the same subjects, especially for subjects of your interest or the thrust portion in GATE exam pattern. Also, to support your study with some self notes is good idea. This helps in final revisions.
  8. While preparing always keep your goal in thought and fancy being in the place like top institutes wherever you want to have admission.
  9. Always remember you can get, if you really want. So positive mind is the key. Mild tension can be helpful to have kind of motivation or a sense of duty.
  10. You should avoid thoughts of loosing which can cause loss of concentration and low performance. Read only when you are reading.
  11. In the last days of preparation, if you have any doubts about any topic/formula, you can have a look on these sections. Always remember, more doubts lead to more concept building.
  12. Leave all the books few days before the exam. Have some good time and relax.
  13. Go online and prepare and practice tests and analyze yourself about your preparation

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