6 Apps For Students That Can Make Their Life Simpler And Easier!

Apps have made our lives easier in several ways. Even getting an education is an enhanced experience if one uses apps alongside the process. A student needs access to the latest information as well as several ways and means to complete their tasks.
apps for students
We have discussed some apps for students here, which can help them out in completing their courses, organizing their time, etc.

1. Realcalc Scientific Calculator

Scientific calculators are required materials for many courses. However, we’re all human, and there’s always one student who forgets their calculator, or simply cannot afford one at the moment.
With this app, no student has to worry about being without a scientific calculator again. This Android app is functional, convenient, and accurate. Best of all, it’s free!

2. Maths Alarm Clock

Students have to learn a lot in school, but they also have to learn things that don’t directly contribute to a degree. Self-control and discipline are two of them.
With the Maths Alarm Clock, you can do away with the dangerous snooze alarm which can make you oversleep. Since this app doesn’t turn off the alarm unless the user solves a simple math problem.
Hence, this app prevents students from being late to school or a class. It also helps to jumpstart your brain in the morning. This keeps you working and learning at a high speed much more quickly. It is available for both Android and Apple phones.

3. TED

Being a student means imbibing as much knowledge as possible. If you surround yourself with intelligent and interesting people, you would know much more about the world and how to manage it. TED talks bring you the thoughts and guidance of some of the most brilliant people in the world.
By downloading this app on both Android and Apple, a student can really contribute to their education. This general knowledge would help then out in every field of life especially where their schooling is concerned.
TED talks come from geniuses in the fields of technology, education, music, business, and even comedy. Not only is this useful little app educational, it also provides a productive way to kick back and relax. Students tend to take a break with video games or scrolling through social media. If they can get into the habit of listening to these talks instead, they can develop their minds with minimal effort.

4. Selfcontrol

Studying in the modern world has its advantages, but it has some terrific distractions as well. When you sit down to study, you tend to get several Facebook notifications, text messages, etc. These are sometimes important, mostly not. On the other hand, not everyone can switch off their phones for too long.
The Apple app SelfControl provides a solution to this problem by allowing you to block certain websites. For a specified amount of time, you would be safe from social media and/or email notifications.
Additionally, the users themselves would be unable to access any apps which may waste their time. This allows them to concentrate fully on their studies while not worrying about missing an important call. You can’t unblock the sites unless the time is up, even if you delete the app.

5. The Oxford Dictionary

When listening to lectures, both college and school students may hear a word they’ve never heard before. Additionally, they may come across new words when reading their course books.
Whatever the case, a good student should feel anxious until they find out this little nugget of information. With the Oxford Dictionary app, both Android and Apple users can look up any word in the English language at any time. This allows them to have a better grasp on what they are reading or hearing.
Since no one can pick up a huge dictionary in the middle of a lecture or while curled up with a book, using one’s smartphone makes a whole lot of sense. You can simply open the app whenever you come across a word you’re not sure about.

6. GoConqr

There are apps for relaxing, exercise, and self-control, but there are also those which directly help in studying. The GoConqr app allows students to organize their studying. There are options like Flashcards, Quizzes, Mind Maps, Online Notes, and many more tools.

All of these facilitate the study to the point where one can just study anywhere. Stuck in the subway or a doctor’s waiting room? You have your notes on hand and in one place. This way, you won’t fall behind on preparation for next week’s exam. These online resources are also available for sharing with your friends

Wrapping Up…

Utilizing apps like the ones above can greatly help out a student. These are useful in college, school, and even someone who loves learning throughout their life.
Even if you think you can do without these apps, it may be well worth your while to do some research and find one you can use. A student in this day and age needs all the help they can get!

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Ashley Alex is an online counselor for students of all ages. She has coauthored several books assignment writing and also on how a student can make the most of their years in formal education. Her favorite hobbies are cooking and swimming. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and Twitter.

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