10 Best Tips for Cracking JEE Main 2017

There is no shortcut to success and scoring top rank in JEE entrance. Every year, thousands of students apply for the entrance exam and aspire to get into one of the top institutes of the country.
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Some of the exam tip, tricks and strategies a student can adopt to attain top ranks are:

    1.  Start preparing for JEE Main and Adveanced right after your Class 10 exams. Do not waste your time.
    2. JEE is NOT tough. You Just need to develop a natural interest in Physics, Chemistry and Maths – think in terms of actual scenarios and not just solving problems.

    1. Self Study is absolutely Must – You must spent time on self-preparation apart from School and Coaching classes. Give on average 6 hours daily (self-study) and 3 hours (in-addition) at coaching classes if you have already joined some coaching classes.
    2. The number of hours you study is more important than how much you actually get done in those hours. Concentration in whichever subject you study is the key!
      Focus more on the important chapters for JEE, practice more questions from these topics.
    3. Build a good timetable and follow it religiously. Systematic study is more important than studying concepts randomly.
    4. Avoid Social Media distractions like Facebook and Mobile distractions like WhatsApp for these two years, but you could Join useful Facebook groups and Google+ communities to keep a tab on what other students are upto – how are they preparing differently. You can join JEE main 2017 Facebook group where already more than 33 thousands aspirants have joined.

  1. Take breaks between studies. Play your favorite sports to keep yourself fit and rejuvenated. Fitness is absolutely important during these 2 years to get higher rank in JEE entrance examination.
  2. Friends can be a distraction. Choose wisely whom you want to be friends with over these 2 years.
  3. On the JEE Exam day, follow your test taking strategy – Choose your favourite subject strategy to attempt maximum questions after that other subjects.
  4. Find a mentor in your close circle. It can be your brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, class teacher – anyone. You need to be motivated throughout these 2 years.

Finally, don’t loose your vision and focus of your Goal, definitely you will Get success!

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